Clinics that make your children feel BRAVE!

Have you ever felt like you would not be able to instill enough confidence in your child?  Do they start to cry when you have to leave them? Are there times when you would love an extra hand to help build their self-esteem?

This reality is challenging for us as parents. Our kids are growing up in a world where success is seen as smarter than, faster than, or something that's out of reach. When our kids are faced with adversity it's scary to them and they become afraid to take risks.  

Watch your preschool age child gain confidence and overcome their reluctance to try new things by attending World Elite Clinics.  We offer entry level clinics that engage kids through:  obstacle courses, skill stations, exercises, and flexibility training.  

At world elite, we believe that challenging kids, both physically and mentally, gives them the skills to see and achieve all the opportunities life offers.  Attempting new things makes them stronger & can release that courage inside of them! Trying something new helps them become brave.  They build self-confidence through activities that challenge each child's own perceived boundaries.

"Each time my daughter comes home from World Elite Kids, I can tell her mental & physical strength are being challenged. She is so much more confident in trying new things!" - Carla 

Our team of instructors get extreme joy from knowing that kids gain confidence attending our clinics.  No matter the skill focus your child will have a blast!  They will leave feeling proud that they've overcome new challenging skills. And you get to see them walk out with a huge smile and certificate of accomplishment to show all of their family and friends.

2022 Preschool Tumbling Clinics
Ages 3 to 6


Who: Ages 3-6
Time: 12:30-1:30
Cost: $23
January 22nd: Roll into the New Year - Register Now
May 14th: Tumble Club - Register Now
July 16th: Red White and New Skills! 
November 19th: Cartwheel Clinic

Who: Ages 3-6
Time: 11:30-12:30
Cost: $23
March 12th:
St. Patricks Day Cartwheel Clinic - Register Now
September 17th: Cartwheels & Handstands! 



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