Rainy Day Games & Activities

We have officially made it to Spring! The flowers are blossoming, trees are green again and the amount of fresh air we are able to bring into the house by opening our windows is amazing! The sunshining days are right around the corner with warm temperatures and playing outside all day every day. But we still have those days where it will be full of rain and gloom again. In order to keep busy on the weekends where you can't go outside, let us know which of these activities you will be trying at home to kill some time with the kids! 

1. DIY Bath Paint - Paint the bathtub a rainbow with this bath paint.

2. Tissue Transfer Art - Get your kids painting with this easy artistic craft! 

3. Balloon Tennis - Stop the boredom and get moving with some balloon tennis.

4. Crayon Art - Whip the hairdryer out and get that box of crayons ready! 

5. Marble Run - make your own fun marble run!

We want to know how you enjoyed some of these on your rainy days. Let us know in the comments below! 

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