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Did you know that rolling ... 


1 . Engages the VESTIBULAR SENSE and provides our brain with information about motion. head position. and spatial orientation. Our vestibular system helps stabilize our head and body. and helps us maintain balance and posture. 

2. Builds CORE STRENGTH. Forward rolls activate the abdominal muscles and stabilize the spine.

3. Promotes VISUAL TRACKING and development. Changes in head positioning challenge the ocular motor system to adjust and calibrate. Visual tracking helps us track words on a page. write in a straight line. participate in sports. navigate a hallway and more!

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In the Roll...

When kids are not busy rolling themselves around. they can learn a lot from observing and interacting with things that roll. 

•     Toys that can be rolled. pushed or pulled help children develop fine motor skills

•     Passing a rolling toy from one hand to the other promotes crossing the midline, which is important for bilateral coordination.

•     Riding on and pushing large rolling toys promotes global motricity as children employ complex motor planning and engage multiple muscle groups.

•     Playing with rolling objects promotes coordination between vision and action and gives children experience evaluating distances.

•     Playing with or on rolling toys helps children learn to anticipate the act of slowing down or accelerating and experience maintaining balance while moving.

•     Rolling play encourages a child's creativity as little ones use their imagination to create stories. characters and scenes for their rolling play. 

•     Rolling objects also helps children understand the relationship between pressure or force and movement and basic concepts of movement and collision. 

•     Playing with rolling toys provides social opportunities as children learn to roll alongside friends or roll a toy or ball back and forth to a playmate.


Get out the balls! Get out the cars! Hop on the ride toys! It's time to get rolling! 


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