Gymnastics for Five Year Olds

5-year-old children in our gymnastics class program, referred to as Five Peas in our Sweet peas classes, are at a crucial stage of physical, cognitive, and social development. 


They are experiencing rapid progress in their physical abilities, including enhanced coordination, longer limbs, and improved language skills. 


In their gymnastics class curriculum, in Tallmadge and Powell Ohio, they focus on refining techniques such as bridges, handstands, and cartwheels, while also developing core strength for various gymnastic maneuvers. 


Additionally, they engage in cognitive activities such as learning gymnastics terminology, counting independently, and recognizing letters and musical cues. 


Socially, they learn to interact with peers, share experiences, and demonstrate good manners. 

The curriculum in the gymnastics classes at World Elite Kids aims to foster friendships, confidence, and a love for learning while providing a balanced mix of physical activity and social interaction.

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