Having trouble staying Active?

What if I told you I was a grandmother of 5 and can run a marathon? Ok maybe I am lying and my last full marathon was 2017, but I do have 5 grandchildren and work out nearly every single day. What is my secret? Stay tuned to find out. 


I have always loved to run outdoors but during colder months this is not always practical.  I have been taking classes 4 to 5 times a week at Orange Theory in Copley for the past 5 years.


Need some motivation to get started? How about some advice from the CDC? Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Working out can reduce the risk of disease, help manage weight, strengthens your bones and muscles, reduces your pain, boosts your energy, and promotes quality sleep. 


What about your mental health? Seasonal affective disorder is more prominent than most people realize. Why do so many people feel depressed in the winter time? The answer is vitamin D deficiency. We get most of our vitamin D from the sun. As you can imagine, the summer months are not a problem, since we are outside soaking up every ounce we can. In the winter time, we want to lay on our couch and binge watch the Kardashians. “Netflix and chill” as the kids these days call it. Staying active, especially in the winter, can be challenging. However, exercise can combat these blues and boost your mental health. 


As if having excellent mental and physical health isn’t enough, my most important reason is my grandchildren. I need to keep up with soccer games and dance class for my younger ones and tik tok dances with my older ones. 


Ok, ok, I know what you are thinking. This is all great, but you promised to tell us your secret. My secret is consistency. The hardest part of a workout routine is getting started. Once you get started, the rest is much easier to fall into place. I have been working out consistently since I turned 40 and haven’t looked back since. I build it into my routine. Find something you enjoy. Any activity that gets your heart rate up is good activity. Start slow. Go for a walk. Do some jumping jacks while binge watching netflix. Do a tik tok dance. Literally anything. Just get started! I promise you will thank me.

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