The Star Squad

Cleveland, Ohio: On Monday, November 25th The Cleveland Cavaliers, in partnership with World Elite Kids, debuted the new entertainment team, The Star Squad.  The Star Squad is a stunt team, who are a new addition of the in-game entertainment teams with the Cavaliers this season.  Coached by Rachel Delesk and AJ Ganim, the Star Squad has 20 members with girls ranging from 8-15 years old.



When asked why he is most excited for the new team, Ganim said, “What an awesome opportunity for these athletes.  We are getting to represent the program of World Elite Cheer, the Cleveland Cavaliers & all while getting to show the amazing talents of kids in competitive cheer to our greater community.  With athletes coming from the Cleveland, Akron & Canton areas, it will be a memorable season for some young athletes and Cavs fans!”

To the fans surprise, the Star Squad will not be your traditional “cheer squad”.  What you will see is a display of athleticism, and young female athletes who commit to training year round.  “There is something special that happens when a child is passionate about something, and even more special when they develop a work ethic based around it” says Delesk.



The Star Squad will perform around 6 times this season at various Cavs games and we are very excited to be performing their Christmas halftime performance at the December 23rd Cleveland Cavaliers home game.  For information on opportunities to train to be on the Star Squad, be sure to check out the programming opportunities at or contact


Interested in joining the Star Squad?


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