World Elite Kids supports The Akron Rotary Camp, Chili Open!

The Chili Open is an annual fundraiser that benefits the most vulnerable kids in our area with an experience at The Akron Rotary Camp! World Elite has made Akron Rotary Camp one of our preferred charities for the past 5 years!  Their mission aligns with ours.  A place where there are only abilities. 
The Akron Rotary Camp was founded in 1924 by members of the Rotary Club of Akron. At that point, the camp was dedicated to helping children with polio and other physical disabilities. Today, children and adults with developmental disabilities make up more than half of the campers served. The largest disability represented falls under Autism Spectrum Disorders.
The Akron Rotary Camp
The camp is funded through the Akron Rotary Foundation, private donations, and proceeds from the Wayne Homes Chili Open. These funds have helped the camp to expand facilities, open two other day camp sites, and provide thousands of dollars in financial aid to families who cannot afford to send their children to camp. This ensures that all eligible campers can attend, regardless of an inability to pay.
chili open

Rotary Camp changes lives!  Camp is an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to create, learn, and grow in safe and caring environments. When campers leave Rotary Camp at the end of a program, they not only leave with lifelong memories and friends, but they show more independence, as well a greater understanding of themselves and their abilities. 
Theres still time to support! This years Chili Open virtual event will take place this Saturday, February 6th at 4pm. Register to support today
For sponsorship information, please visit
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