A story of hardwork & determination

 "Gia walks in the door of World Elite everyday with confidence, enthusiasm, and energy!  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her go from the newbie to leading her team this past season." - Owner & CEO, Wanda Whipkey
Ever since Gia was young she told her mother she wanted to be a cheerleader. "She was begging me constantly" April said. So, where did it begin, you ask? In 2013 when Gia was just 4 years old her mother April 
brought her into our Tallmadge, Ohio facility for the very first time. A friend of hers and a mom whose daughter 
was already in our program mentioned coming into World Elite to check out the program. Like most, after her 
first year she was hooked! 
Gia's progress has been unbelievable but it hasn't been the easiest journey. Gia was diagnosed with ADHD and several other learning disabilities at a young age. She struggled the first two years to learn as fast as everyone else.
"Sometimes her brain makes things go backwards, so when she’s learning a routine it would take her three times the work and concentration."
In Gia’s second and third season April started seeing a big difference in her at school. The Dr. that diagnosed Gia with her learning disabilities told her that all the tumbling and repetitive routines had helped Gia’s 
brain rewire itself and it played a big part in keeping her at grade level. Without it she would have been held back. 
 "I was amazed. I had no idea what it was really doing for her."
When Gia first started she could barely do a forward roll. Now in her fourth season she is doing front and back walkovers, standing and running back handsprings and is currently working on her front handspring and back tuck! "I could have never imagined she would progress so quickly." Although Gia struggled it never broke her spirit. She loves being a part of her team and her positive attitude helps her to not give up on her dreams. Gia now knows if she works hard enough she will achieve her goals.


sarahmolly-1April says that Gia's class instructors and coaches had a lot to do with her progression. Sarah Dudley, Molly Dudley and Sarah Tedrick have been with her from the beginning.

"Gia came into this sport without any background in gymnastics or cheerleading at a very young age. From the very beginning she has showed determination. Every goal that she has set, she has achieved and continues to grow everyday. This sport has helped her mentally and physically and she has become a very well rounded young lady" - Coach Sarah D.

These three have had such a positive impact on Gia and she could not have asked for her daughter to be around a more positive group of coaches.


 "I really appreciate the entire staff at World Elite. They really care for all of their athletes and families. I don’t know what would have happened for my daughter if we had not found this amazing place. It makes me so happy to know that Gia now has an outlet when school seems almost unmanageable. I believe Gia has told me she is going to be at World Elite forever!"

WE are so proud of you, Gia! To say you have made huge strides is an understatement. WE cannot wait to continue to watch you learn and grow inside our facility. 

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