How Do Sports & Substance Abuse Relate?

As a parent, you never want to push your child into doing something. But what if it will prevent something from them in the future? Children learn by actions and what they see. Peer pressure is another outlet that effects what they may or may not do. 

Studies have shown that 22% of female students involved in high school sports are less likely to smoke cigarettes ('Her Life Depends On It III".) Students involved in sports and extra curricular activities give the sense of being a part of something bigger. Something they are responsible for and they are relied on.

Not only will sports reduce substance abuse, it's good for the brain. No, it's great for the brain. High school students are stressed enough but when heading to college the pressure increases. A study done by National Institute of Drug Abuse found that exercise and physical activity will strengthen resistance from substance abuse but relax and de-stress the brain. 

Before your child says they don't want to try a sport, have them try it. They may not like it day one but the benefits of it later on down the road could potentially be life changing in so many more ways other than physically. 
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