Why Won't My Child Eat Vegetables?

Broccoli? Gross. Mushrooms? Can't look at them. Olives? Don't even bother.

We've all been there. That "picky eater" that tries to push around the food on their plate to make it look like they actually ate but really only ate the mashed potatoes and left the broccoli and cauliflower. 

Doctors recommend 2 1/2 cups to 3 cups of vegetables a day, so make it a more engaging experience for your child. Bring them to the grocery store with you, ask them to choose a vegetable they'd like to try. While prepping dinner, have them assist you while making it. That way when dinner time comes, they can feel like they were part of the process of making dinner for the family.

Make it colorful. You've noticed your child will eat the sandwich you pack them in their lunch but wont eat the peppers. Think of fun ways to keep it interactive and eye appealing for them. They may start to eat it if it looks more fun.

Having sweet potatoes soon? Or maybe even broccoli? Let your child put the topping on their side. Allow them to add the butter and cinnamon to the potato or put some Parmesan cheese on top of the broccoli. Monitor the amount, but let them add it. 

Offer vegetables at the hungriest times of the day. Coming home after school kids go directly to the cabinets and grab a snack. Put out some veggies and a dip so they get accustomed to going for that instead of the fruit snacks in the pantry. 

Just remember, they may not like it now, give it some time for them to come around to it! 
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