Indoor Activities to beat the cold!

WE know everyone is stuck in the house for the next few days so we put together a small list of fun things to do to keep you busy (and to keep your children from driving you crazy). 

 1. Hold a mini olympics 

With the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo coming up this is the perfect time to get your little ones excited. Have your children perform skills like somersaults, cartwheels or handstands then score them. You can even have them makeup beam and floor routines and perform them in the living room! (I still remember doing this as a little girl.)

2. Print out these Ninja Zone Coloring Pages for your Ninjas to color!

Ninja in a Junk Yard       Ninja fighting a Volcano

3. Friendly & Funny cooking competition

Have a family competition for who can come up with the best recipe from the contents of your kitchen. Be sure to set a time limit and have some judges!

4. Lip Sync Battle

Okay, this is purely for our enjoyment :) We know how creative you all are...have a lap sync/dance battle to your favorite family friendly songs! Make sure to upload to your social media accounts and tag @World_Elite_Kids on Instagram and @WorldEliteKids on facebook. 

4. Check out what classes World Elite Kids has to offer for your child :) 

At World Elite Kids we believe that Active Kids do better in life. World Elite Kids offers Gymnastics, Ninja Zone, Tumbling, Cheerleading and more for children ages 2 to 18 years old. Check out all of our offerings on our website ---- have more questions about our programs? Fill out this contact form :)

And there you have it: A few things we suggest to do inside when it’s cold outside. Join us on social media by tagging us in all of your pics and videos to show us what your family is doing.

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